Egyptologists’ Opinions Re: The Mansoor Amarna Collection

In favor of the collection:

Dr. Etienne Drioton 01/03/1959

Director General, Department of Antiquities Cairo Museum

and Curator-in-Chief of Louvre Museum
Dr. Sami Gabra 02/23/1959

University of Cairo
Prof. Andreina Leanza-Becker Colonna

University of San Francisco and Rome Exhibits
Mgr. Gianfranco Nolli 10/24/1987

Vatican Egyptian Museum
Prof. Pierre Du Bourguet 08/21/1986

Louvre Museum and College de France
Christiane Desroches Noblecourt

Chief-Curator, Louvre Museum

Against the collection on record:

Prof. Dr. Hans Wolfgang Muller 02/15/1960

Munich University


The Bottom Line – In Favor: 6  / Against: 1


In November 18, 1981, Dr. Hubert Landais, Director General of the Museums of France, Administrator of the National Museums Union, and the Members of the Artistic Council of the Museums of France, accepted a pink limestone statuette of a Princess from the Mansoor Amarna Collection as a gift from the Mansoor family to honor the memory of the late Dr. Etienne Drioton as a gift for the Louvre Museum.

The statuette had been authenticated by Madame Christiane Desroches Noblecourt who had it also examined and authenticated by the scientists of the Louvre Museum as well as by the Scientists of the CNRS (NationalCenter for Scientific Research).

And British Officer Nigel SS Warren, also Attorney and Judge in London in civilian life, had the Head of Princess he purchased in 1946 from Mr. M.A Mansoor, authenticated before acquiring it, by the late Prof. Stephen R. K. Glanville of the British Museum, and Edwards Professor of Egyptology at University College, London.

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